Do You Wake In The Morning With A Sore Jaw?

By October 19, 2017Blog
lady clenching teeth sore jaw

Do you wake in the morning with a sore jaw?


Does your partner hear nighttime teeth grinding from your side of the bed?

Do you clench your jaw when stressed?

Has the dentist ever mentioned signs of teeth grinding?

The solution is SO quick & simple. It sounds too good to be true, after clients have tried mouth guards etc to stop… but it really is so simple & so successful??

It’s such a shame not a lot of people know that a quick & easy solution is out there. We have MANY clients that tell us how they wish they had known earlier after struggling for many years.

If this is something you, your partner, friend, relative or anyone at all could benefit from, please let them know. We offer consultations for this treatment, with no obligation to proceed.

Interested in more details: https://www.jadecosmeticclinic.com.au/wrinkle-relaxation/

For more info & bookings, please phone 4041 0067, or email info@JadeCosmeticClinic.com.au


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